Senator Hatch fails the US Supreme Court

I respectfully disagree with the comments of Senator Orrin Hatch.  On March 28, in an Oped piece in the New York Times, Senator Orrin Hatch attempted to justify the refusal of US Senate Republicans to comply with the duties of the US Senate regarding the nominee of a US Supreme Court Justice.  Ultimately, the reason was politics, pure and simple.  Usually, Senator Orrin Hatch is above such political expediency, but not today.  Senator Hatch has provided political article to spread blame anywhere but squarely where it should be.  And, he has sold out his decades of protection of the US Justice System, the integrity of the US Supreme Court, and is participating in creating a new precedent that will surely be part of the complex disintegration of the US Senate.28hatch-web-master675

In grand fashion, Sen Orrin Hatch eloquently blames the reasons for Senate Republican’s refusal to fulfill their participation in the US Supreme Court nominee process on Obama overreach, the greatness of Scalia, and the political minefield that republicans want to avoid to protect the sensibilities of American citizens from especially during such “a toxic national election”.  He writes an opinion that at its core is quite simply an regurgitated political piece, only providing excuses, providing no balance, not once even mentioning the very terrible behavior of Republicans to attack Anita Hill to their chronic opposition to any fair minded judge in the decades of “tit for tat”.  In fact, Senator Hatch outlines only the grievances of republicans against democrats since the 1980s.  It is 2016, Orrin, get over it.

US Senate Republicans refusal to do its work is a grievance against America.  Refusal to even meet with the US Supreme Court nominee should be considered an act of treason.  Yet, this action by US Senate Republicans only proves that US Senate Republicans provide only lip service to their duties, rather than honestly feel compelled to fulfill their duties under the US Constitution.

It is well known that any judge who has any written articles of moderation or progressive wisdom to address legal harm are met with hostility. It is the Republicans own lust for those with antiquated knowledge to subvert democracy that resulted in the infamous Citizens United, leaving America trapped in a swirl of money, deception, disengagement of its voters, gerrymandering run amok, etc.

Senator Orrin Hatch, as any grandpa would, attempts to patronize the reader, letting us know that it is for our own good.  Senator Hatch, let me outline the reasons why your decision to not fulfill your duties as a Senator cause great harm to America.

This political posturing threatens democracy and this very institution, the US Senate. In its failure to perform its duties, Senate Republican hasten the demise of our system of democracy by this precedent and make vulnerable the US Supreme Court and its own institution for further oligarchy control and potentially led by a narcissist, xenophobic, fascist bully.

It is imperative that before this election cycle’s national election is conducted, a full complement of US Supreme Court justices be on the bench. The Supreme Court is one of the few institutions to provide oversight and act in a leadership capacity in rendering important decisions during any national crisis regarding the election in November. Do we not remember Bush v Gore? And, it would be a travesty of monumental proportions were the result to be a tie.

Republicans call out Democrats suggesting the terrible toxicity of the current national primaries is the main concern. They are protesting that postponing the confirmation hearings is to keep a lid on national politics. Let me be clear, it certainly is. And, without a Supreme Court with 9 judges on the bench, you can be sure the Republicans will be able to play politics.

This open US Supreme Court seat is the only reason that will attract many members of the Republican party to vote in this election cycle if Donald Trump is the nominee. Without the open US Supreme Court position, the Republicans could lose the US Senate and potentially the US House due to lack of interest in the Presidential Nominee or their outright disgust with him.

Further, an open seat provides advantage to Republican US Senators in negotiating any power exchange when a new administration is elected, while causing laws in different areas of the country to be determined by area, creating havoc and further fanning flames of discord and destruction that could be avoided if there were nine votes, rather than eight. While many in business cases have started to enter settlements without a US Supreme Court that was super friendly with big business, this system certainly deserves nine court justices, not eight, to address the weighty impacts that this court reviews.

In refusing to provide consent until after an election, the precedent provides the party in power of the US Senate to weaken our Executive Branch, hinder further any future decision or duty being pursued by the US President, until a distant national vote. If this is the new standard, why have the US Senate in session today?   They can go home until November, as well. If they are not going to do the most important work, specifically duties outlined in the US Constitution, why should they be doing any other work based on the same decision.

This precedent gives the majority party the power to “elect” not to perform its duties until such future time as it is politically prudent, or for a limited time, until after a national election.  This gives added meaning to the term “lame duck”.   Especially as each national election cycle seems to start earlier and earlier and the time grows shorter between election campaign time periods. This precedent, whether used by either party corrupts and threatens the balance of powers between the executive and the legislative.

Yet, because this political argument involves the appointment of a nominee to the US Supreme Court, this political game now imperils the judiciary where the executive or legislative branches regularly file suit to press for political advantage.   In this case, to address the refusal of the US Senate to comply with their duties under the US Constitution would cause irreparable harm to the Judicial System and the esteem in which most Americans hold the US Supreme Court to be the most judicious and fair in the world.

Lastly, in breaking with the traditions of the US Senate to sit a committee to affirm a presidential nominee to the US Supreme Court, republicans continue the toxic attacks on our most cherished institutions where “we the people” must go as a last attempt to make change against those more powerful, wealthier, or simply wrong. It is a terribly slow institution that just made its work that much harder to get accomplished for the people.

Senator Orrin Hatch used to be above politics. Whether I agreed with Senator Hatch, there always was a powerful and wise purpose he served to protect the US Senate as an institution.  Clearly politics in the US Senate has corrupted one of its most respected arbiters for Justice.  Senator Orrin Hatch has lost his integrity, his wisdom, and my respect.  I am certain the death of the institution itself is near.

It is a sad day.

Voter Fraud and Voting Restrictions policies are destroying Democracy.

Restricting voters from voting is unAmerican.  When will Americans get a clue and stand up to any politician that doesn’t make it easier, not harder, for Americans to vote?  We already allow lies on radio, distortions of the truth in the media, why do Americans allow their politicians to hinder the process of voting?  Or, by using our military, and our patriotic feelings of connection, to allow them to hinder any American.  Republicans regularly denounce when Democrats work to protect the military, but regularly use the military to bolster their political strategies. 

Case in point, Romney this week.–abc-news-politics.html

The military, and their families, should not be used to shape voting laws in any state.  If the military receives a benefit, I am sure they would want every American to have access to that same benefit.  Especially one so critical to the democratic process and ideals they defend with their lives.

This voter fraud strategy that has swept Republican strong holds is a thinly veiled attempt for Republicans to maintain stronger holds on areas that are seeing more and more diverse communities that will ultimately reduce their political power.  This voting limitation strategy of Republicans will win, in the short term, because Americans simply do not understand how seriously terrible this strategy is to our independence.  Ultimately, this type of strategy worked for decades and led to civil rights wars across our country, which included police actions, terrorism, national marches and assasinations in the 1960s. 

Romney should be ashamed of using this poorly veiled attempt at limiting new voters from participating in elections.  Yet, as cocky as many Republicans are at dictating laws on religion, women’s health, and how people should access health care, they must not read very much history about this nation’s horrible treatment of minorities and the terrible consequences of that treatment.  The mistreated in this country have a way of uniting a majority of Americans to recognize the error of its ways and lead the majority back to Fairness, Mercy, and Community.
The news media should be ashamed for promoting the biased headline suggesting Romney is protecting th military.  Romney is using the military benefit in the Voter Elimination Act in Ohio to accompany the implementation of a law that would provide special benefits to the military, while eliminating that precious right for everyone else. 

When are Americans going to recognize the terrible impact of this national Republican strategy to eliminate a complete community from participation in one of our most dear traditions.  Until the last decade, I thought diverse voices in the political process we all held so dear.  Hence the reason we cherish political prisoners suffering abroad.  Yet, in the last decade, we have defended torture, elimination of due process, and now voting is in jeopardy. 

It is Nasty Politics, and it is going to effect you, personally.  No matter which party, this is simply bad, bad, terribly bad policy – and every American should vote out a politician who thinks this is acceptable policy.  Eliminate the black vote, the latino vote, the LGBT vote, the young vote, even seniors, but certainly you won’t be affected.   Without an entire community’s participation in the electoral process, we are left with out a fair process where democracy has a chance to thrive.  Eliminating or restricting the vote leads a democracy to an Oligarchy or a quasi-dictatorship with internal terrorism issues.  Restricting the voting process creates opportunities for internal injustice and actions outside the law by those who become disenfranchised. 

Voting Restrictive States minimize the importance of voting.  It suggests that voting doesn’t matter to Americans.  Yet, these policies create an America that is less than.  When you create hurdles to the voting process, you cheapen the process.  You communicate a special worth to some, while creating inconvenience and confusion for others.  It creates an America that is less that is truly could be.

These policies cheapen my voice, hurt my belief in democracy, and raise concerns that we are no better than the system in Iran where politicians control the voting process.

Be prepared when you are signled out because if you endorse this strategy, you are worse than a terrorist.  Terrorists attack and create havoc, hurting those who are uninvolved or seen as victims.  When you endorse this type of policy, you are actively engaged in destroying democracy.  And, ultimately, this policy will affect you.  Political power swings from right to left.  Worry when you aren’t on the current popular side of this particular policy. 

If this is your politician peddling restrictions in voting for your community, understand that devil would sell your soul for power, any day.  Vote them out, no matter the party.